Ways to Prevent Your Domain Registrar or Domain Name Registration Company from Shutting Down Your Website

Ways to Prevent Your Domain Registrar or Domain Name Registration Company from Shutting Down Your Website

If you’re familiar with the domain name game, then you know that domain registrar can shut down your website if you violate their terms and conditions. Many website owners have fallen victim of shutdown by domain registrars and this action impacted their businesses big time. You can also be a victim unknowingly. So to mitigate your website from getting shut down by domain registrars, you need to take control because any downtime can be costly and disruptive to your enterprise. To cushion your website and dodge any registrar or domain name registration related problem, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Take precautions during domain name registration – Use your name, if possible, to register your website

When looking to build a professional website, it’s natural to hire and professional web designer if you don’t have the necessary skills to do it. Some people even allow the designer to buy and domain name or register one for them. This is a dangerous decision because the designer can register the domain in their name. This can cause problems when the registrar wants you to verify your domain name details. Your website site can be shut down if the details you supply don’t match with those on your registrar account.

  • Your domain name registration contact information must be up to date

If there is any change in your contact information, make sure to update it. Domain name registrars typically require that you verify your contact information after a specific period. If you supply a contact information that’s different from the one you listed initially during verification, your website can be shut down.

  • Take time to review your domain name registration account annually

Most website owners never go back to review their account information once they buy a domain name free or perform a domain name registration at the registrar. Some registrars have an auto renew feature, which is advantageous and convenient. But if your registrar doesn’t have an auto renew feature, suffice to review your account each year to avoid discrepancies and possible shutdown.

  • Use different email addresses for your registrar account and domain name registration

Using different email addresses prevents cases of inaccessibility in case your domain expires. You don’t want one problem to affect another when operating your business.


  • You must be able to check your registrar email address always to be in the know about domain name registration and other notifications

Always check your registrar email address so that you don’t miss updates, expiry notices and your registrar trying to contact you and other notifications.

If you follow these tips religiously, you’ll eliminate the possibility of your website getting shut down. The most important thing when registering your domain name is to read the registrar’s terms and conditions. Doing so will enable you to escape site shutdowns that may occur due to your ignorance.


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